How to Write a Cause and Effect that stands out: Key Takeaways

Causes and effects are associated with every phenomenon in this world. If there is a cause, there is an effect. Everything that happens in this world has one or more causes behind it. The sunlight on earth enables photosynthesis in plants and effect becomes a source of food for a great many animals on earth. Similarly, the revolution of the earth around its axis causes day and night and so on. Similarly, in writing, students have to take into account various causes and their effects related to a particular topic.

As a college essay writer you would know that writing a
cause and effect essay is simply analyzing what is causing what and what is happening as a result of that cause. For instance, you may take into account global warming and its impacts on seasons and weather patterns in your essay. However, it is not only about enlisting causes and their effect rather in this kind of essay, but you are also required to analyze the causes and effects with a critical lens and make a judgment about them.

Writing an essay requires a sound knowledge base, efficiency in writing, and evidence to support the claims. If you make a claim in your essay but fail to give evidence in its support, it will be nothing more than a sweeping statement. Therefore, students need to carefully examine their supporting points in their essays. Yet, if you lack writing skills, worry not. Practice a little and build confidence in yourself. Tell yourself, “I cann write my essay,” and develop writing skills through reading and practice.

To write an outstanding cause and effect essay you need to follow the following steps. I hope it will help you in articulating a well-composed essay.

1- Brainstorm the topic

Brainstorming about the topic is a mental activity but is a highly particle one. It can enable you to sort out your points and help you organize your essay. Write down every point that comes to your mind and then exclude the irrelevant or overlapping ones.

2- Distinguish causes from effects

After brainstorming, another important thing to do is to distinguish the causes from effects. Sometimes, causes and effects are so intertwined that determining what is a cause and what is an effect becomes a little tricky. Thus, separate the two before you write your essay.

3- Make an outline

Once you as an essay writer
have brainstormed the topic and sorted out the main point of your essay, the next step is to make an outline. An outline is a very easy tool to organize and structure your essay and to remain focused. It also helps you in maintaining the flow of the essay.

4- Make clear thesis statement

A thesis statement is the crux of an essay and the whole essay revolves around it. It is the main idea of the essay and the key to success in an essay is making a clear, concise, and working thesis statement. In a cause and effect essay, linking causes with effects in an arguable way can result in a good thesis statement. Therefore, take a clear and strong stance in your essay.

5- Take intro, body, and conclusion pattern

Every essay has three parts, an introduction, a body, and a concluding paragraph. Therefore, in your cause and effect essay, these three main components of the essay will be there. Write an introductory paragraph and give your thesis in it. In the body section, discuss one point at a time and support it with evidence, and in the end conclude your essay by summing up its main point briefly.

If you follow this pattern, I hope you will write a good essay.

However, seeking guidance to write an essay is not bad as it can help you in writing the best paper. If you have poor writing skills you can also consult any online essay writing service to enhance your understanding of how to write like a pro.

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